International conference: Gringauz 100: Plasmas in the Solar System

Second announcement

June 13–15, 2018
Moscow, Space Research Institute of RAS

The conference is devoted to the 100-th anniversary of Professor Konstantin I. Gringauz – a pioneer of in-situ plasma measurements in space, who discovered solar wind, plasmapause, and cometopause. The conference will provide a framework for discussing solar wind formation, its variations, interaction with planets and local interstellar medium, physical processes in different regions of planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres. Presented reports may be based on experimental data and results of theoretical studies.Your memories of K.I. Gringauz and the impressions of the meetings and working with him can be presented at a special session.

Main scientific topics of the conference:

  1. Physical processes on the Sun and solar wind formation
  2. Dynamical processes in interplanetary space and solar wind interaction with local interstellar medium
  3. Solar plasma interaction with the Earth and planets; physical processes in magnetospheres
  4. Cold plasma and the plasmapause in magnetospheres of the Earth and planets
  5. Some questions in the theory of space plasma
  6. Memories

Registration and Abstract submission

The conference web site:
Registration of participants is open till February 5, 2018.
Information on the submitting reports - presenting author, co-authors and the exact title of the report is due till January 31, 2018.
Deadline for abstract submission is April 26, 2018.
Abstracts can be written in English or Russian.

All the dates are fixed, because the organizers are ought to apply for the supporting grant.

There will be no registration fee for the conference.

Do not forget to indicate in the registration form whether you need a visa to come to Russia.

Moscow gives wide possibilities for any sightseeing and visiting museums, theaters and concert halls. The additional information on the possible social program will be given later.


LOC of the conference:
Contact persons: Galina Kotova,
  Mikhail Verigin,